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Yellow Fiber Ptfe Gland Packing
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Specification of Yellow Fiber Ptfe Gland Packing

PTFE Aramid is a super combination of specially designed Cross Packing braided with pure PTFE lubricated on the face and yellow filament synthetic fibers specifically on the corners. Since the construction of its dense and homogeneous multifibre packaging is most suitable for all fluids, including corrosive chemicals, even under conditions of very high pressure. Packing which has excellent dimensional stability, creep resistance and non-toxic. Packaging will not give foreign pressure on the piston which damage both the packaging and the plunger under high pressure conditions.

Liquids: Hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, alkali, etc.

Applications: Reciprocating pump, chemical pump, vacuum pump, Agitator.

Temperature: -220 C ~ 300C

pH: 2-14

Pressure: 1000 kg / m3

Sliding speed: 10m / sec

Available sizes: 6mm - 25mm

-gland packing-

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