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Wire Inserted Expanded Graphite Gland Packing
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Sell Wire Inserted Expanded Graphite Gland Packing

Specification of Wire Inserted Expanded Graphite Gland Packing

Inconnel wire inserted into the graphite yarn for this type of square packing. It shows superior wear resistance and thermal conductivity. Very flexible and pliable packaging, an excellent alternative to the pre-molded graphite-ring. The benefits of this package is a low friction and excellent thermal conductivity. It can be used with steam, water, oil, alkali, acid, solvents, paints, varnishes on the pump and valve high temperature and high pressure environments prevailing in the power plant, boiler house, refineries, steel mills, petrochemical industry, etc.

Liquids: Hydrogen, ammonia, hydrocarbons, etc.

Application: Steam, seals, valves, etc.

Temperature: -200 C ~ 300 C

pH: 0-14

Pressure: 25kg / m3

Available sizes: 6mm - 25mm

-gland packing-

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