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Sponge Sheet
Sponge Sheet
Sponge Sheet
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Sponges can be used for materials such as: hotel slippers / slipper shoes, helmets, bags. hats etc. Decorations and stage plays Children's toys & various souvenirs Floor layers sports facilities futsal, boxing, yudo, weightlifting, fitness & yoga, swimming & pads targets archery / shooting etc. Protection / Protection for motorcycles, furniture products during shipping expedition Matras Coating packing spare parts products, tablets, HP, souvenirs, cosmetics, tooling tools etc. Billboard / Advertising Board Layer floor to put machine / heavy equipment Silencer Material for seal, packing, die cut material.

Size: 2000 mm x 1200 mm

Thickness: 3 mm ~ 30 mm

Color: black

-the air mat-

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