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Rubber Anti Static
Rubber Anti Static
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Specification of Rubber Anti Static

Anti static rubber mats have two layers; the topmost is a layer of static green rubber laminated to the conductive undercoat of black rubber. The resistance to the soil is 8 x 106 -8 and the point-to-point resistance is 2 x 106 -8. This Antistatic Rubber Mat offers excellent resistance to the most common oils, fats and solvents. Useful for semi conductor factory, computer & electronic parts and chemical laboratory.

Thickness: 2 mm

Width: 1000 mm

Tensile strength: 27.9 MPa

Elongation at Breakage: 295%

Surface Resistivity (ASTM-D257):

Top layer - 108-9 © / Sq

Bottom layer - 104-5 © / Sq

Resistance to Group: Less than 107 © / Sq

Chemical Resistance: Solvent, Acidic, Alkali, Oil, Aromatics

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