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Rockwool Pipe
Rockwool Pipe
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Specification of Rockwool Pipe

Rockwool Pipe Products is a lightweight economical thermal insulation material which is also recognized as one of the best materials for thermal insulation purposes and is made from a mixture of natural stone (basal and dolomite) melting at high temperatures to form a liquid matrix, which then passes through the airflow cooling material and long fibrous strands. These strands are bonded together to form sheets, blocks, blankets, pipe covers and granulates (non-bonded). Materials that are chemically and biologically inert and free from plant pathogens.

Applications: The rockwool pipe covers are designed for hot and cold pipes to conserve energy, maintain process temperatures, provide personnel protection, prevent condensation, and to reduce noise emissions from pipelines.

Competitive Advantages: - Rigid - Excellent thermal performance - Easy to handle and fabricate - Low dust - Good compressive strength - Non-flammable - Inert chemistry - Low moist absorption - Cost Effective

Temperature: 650 C

Diameters: 1/4 "- 12"

Length: 1000 mm

Density: 125 kg / m3

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