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Pvc Strip Curtain Welding Green
Pvc Strip Curtain Welding Green
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Sell Pvc Strip Curtain Welding Green

Specification of Pvc Strip Curtain Welding Green

PVC Strip welding helps to improve safety and clearly distinguish welding from the workspace side; can be used in most indoor welding applications. Specially formulated to filter out harmful ultraviolet rays, PVC Strip welding is a great way to improve security for both welders and employees elsewhere. Although not a substitute for eye protection, it helps in protecting workers from many welding hazards such as UV rays, sparks from used welding tools. In addition, this PVC strip can be used for restaurant kitchen spaces that do not want to be clearly visible from the visitors room can be disguised by the use of this type is installed on the kitchen door leading to the dining room visitors.

Temperature: -20 C ~ 50 C

Size: 2 mm x 200 mm x 50 mtr


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