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Pvc Strip Curtain Blue Clear
Pvc Strip Curtain Blue Clear
Pvc Strip Curtain Blue Clear
Pvc Strip Curtain Blue Clear
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Specification of Pvc Strip Curtain Blue Clear

PVC curtain blue clear strips give visibility to some types of curtains, making it easy to see who or what is on the other side. This helps to prevent accidental employee injury or engine damage. This PVC strip can be used both indoor and outdoor. This makes it widely used for all types of projects, such as warehouse partitions and adding trailer curtain strips. It's a great way to reduce energy costs and a separate environment without restricting movement through the door.

The basic functions of PVC Strips that are suitable to be used as: - Flexible door - Flexible room seal - Resistant room temperature - Sound damper - Dust and smelly retention - Windbreak - Air humidity guard

Temperature: -20 C ~ 50 C


2 mm x 200 mm x 50 mtr

3 mm x 300 mm x 50 mtr


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