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Grey Pvc Foil
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Specification of Grey Pvc Foil

Gray PVC rod has the characteristics: - Excellent chemistry and corrosion resistance - Excellent impact strength - Easy to make, welding or machining - High rigidity and superior strength - Reliable electrical insulation - Good feature for printing - Flammable low - self extinguisher.

Application: PVC gray plate widely used in general and chemical industries, such as laboratory equipment, Etching equipment, Semiconductor processing equipment, barrel plating, water tank, chemical storage tank, oil tank, brewing water storage tank, acid or tower production of alkali, acid or alkali washing tower, photo developing instrument; Electrical industry for battery boxes, electrometer plates, electrolytic tanks and various plates for electrical insulation, boards for advertising, wall cladding office and general utilities, door panels and so on.

Length: 2000 mm

Diameters: 10mm - 200mm

Color: gray


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