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Nylon Raw Material
Nylon Raw Material
Nylon Raw Material
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Specification of Nylon Raw Material

POM is the best choice technically and economically for mechanical engineering applications. The combination of low friction coefficient, good abrasion level and material hardness, is suitable for applications that require high precision at an affordable price. POM or polyacetal, is a thermoplastic material often used to replace some metal applications. In terms of energy savings, POM materials require less energy to process and operate than metals. Its main characteristics are low coefficient of friction, wear resistance, and hard surface. In addition, POM is also resistant to alkaline fluids, gasoline, alcohol, and lubricants.

Applications: Gear, gear, bushing, bearing, roller, valve seats, electrical insulation components, etc.

Size: 600 mm x 2000 mm

Thickness: 3 mm - 100 mm

Color: White and Black


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