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Roofing Polycarbonate
Roofing Polycarbonate
Roofing Polycarbonate
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Specification of Roofing Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate Corrugated Sheet with the nature of the transparent, lightweight, resistant to changes in weather and temperature, and especially impact resistant, made of polycarbonate as the plastic material ideal for the needs of replacement glass (safety and security glazing) on ​​the scope of very wide application in industry and other fields. Example: a shield of anti-riot police, the room divider between high-temperature production at factories, etc. In buildings, the polycarbonate began to be used in Indonesia since the early 90s named as roof covering material that requires illumination of natural light from the sun. Therefore, it has become a standard for all polycarbonate roofing material manufacturer to add anti-UV coating on one or both sides of Polycarbonate sheets.

Size: 2100 mm x 11800 mm

Thickness: 5 mm

Color: Blue, Green, White, Gray, Clear

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