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HDPE Plastic Sheeting
HDPE Plastic Sheeting
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Specification of HDPE Plastic Sheeting

HDPE Plastic Sheeting is a geomembrane material that is waterproof, resistant to corrosion, oil, acids and high heat, can last for decades.

The use of HDPE Geomembrane is developing rapidly in Indonesia, its main function is to collect liquid water, replace the concrete function for water storage, protect the soil from wastewater pollution which then wastewater is channeled to WWTP.

Each type of geomembrane material has different characteristics that affect installation procedures, durability, lifespan and overall performance. This makes it necessary to match project criteria with the right combination of properties of a particular geomembrane.

Geomembrane materials are generally seen from chemical resistance, mechanical properties, weathering strength of materials, product age, installation factors and cost effectiveness. The nature of polymer geomembranes is determined mainly by their polymer structure (chain architecture), molecular weight (ie chain length) and crystallinity (packing chain density).


0.5 mm x 7 m x 420 m

0.75 mm x 7 m x 280 m

1 mm x 7 m x 210 m

1.5 mm x 7 m x 140 m

2 mm x 7 m x 105 m

2.5 mm x 7 m x 84 m

3 mm x 7 m x 70 m

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