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Rubber Belt Conveyor
Rubber Belt Conveyor
Rubber Belt Conveyor
Rubber Belt Conveyor
Rubber Belt Conveyor
Rubber Belt Conveyor
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Specification of Rubber Belt Conveyor

Rubber Conveyor or conveyor belt is a conveyance used to move loads in the form of units or spills, in a horizontal direction or form a angle of incline / inclination from one operating system to another operating system in a production process line, which uses belts as a conveyor the charge.

Rubber Conveyor / Belt Conveyor is basically a fairly simple equipment. The device consists of a belt that is resistant to the transport of solid objects. The belt used on the conveyor belt can be made from various types of materials, for example from rubber, plastic, leather or metal depending on the type and nature of the material to be transported.

Rubber conveyors are characterized by synthetic fabrics that are inserted into rubber belts, which are derived from starlon and starflex belts that combine two or more layers of synthetic fabric. It is a compound constituent of rubber and fabric that reduces the lateral and longitudinal stiffness that is rigid faced when used.

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