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Asbestos Graphite Packing
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Specification of Asbestos Graphite Packing

Asbestos Graphite Packing is made from asbestos yarn, impregnated with lubricants and graphite. Asbestos Graphite packing is formed by interbraided method for from very dense and packing not yet flexible. Each thread is impregnated into a solution with high lubrication value.

Liquids: Hot oil, ketones, Estel, Steam, Gas

Applications: Pumps, Valves, etc.

Temperature: 300 C

pH: 5 - 11

Pressure: 10kg / cm2

Sliding speed: 10 m / sec

PV: 50kgf / cm2.

Available Sizes: 6mm - 25mm

-gland packing-

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