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Aramid Packing Ptfe Iber
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Specification of Aramid Packing Ptfe Iber

Aramid PTFE Fiber Packing has a high level of resistance and consistency of volume and hence often frequent gland adjustment. Aramid (Kevlar) characteristic of low thermal expansion under actual operating conditions reduces mechanical pressure on the shaft arm to minimize the abrasion effect. This packing is recommended for solvents, light acids and bases, fuel oil, digester pumps, food, medicine, petro-chemical, pulp and paper industry. A good packaging for high pressure pump asleep and high pressure water injection system. Rings made from this packaging are recommended for use as a 'BACK-up' (ring-anti-extrusion ring) ring with other types of soft packaging especially where high pressure is involved.

Liquids: Solvents, acids, oils, etc.

Temperature: -240 C ~ 300 C

pH: 2 - 12

Pressure: 250kg / cm2

Sliding speed: 25m / sec

Available sizes: 6mm - 25mm

Application: Pump, seal, valve, etc.

-gland packing-

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